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Hurry up Easter Sunday. Want this masterpiece finished.
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Wanting my unicorn jumper to arrive.
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Boredom and a camera
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First photo I took in Edinburgh this weekend. Thought I’d make it a tourist selfie.
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Having a brakedown gets you nowhere but A&E and to see a mental health nurse, brilliant.

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I love my summer shorts! I just wish I lived in an all time hot country to wear them in…but first i’d have to grow some balls and have slimmer thighs. Oh wishes!
I’m just totally weird with my webcam.
I like to pull faces to my webcam
Snake whacking people, add me: suzie_hollo

Jessica Rabbit

I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.

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As long as I can remember I’ve hated having my ears touched and getting screamish and nauseous just over the thought of it, which is why I insisted on every possible numbing cream and spray for getting my ears pierced, having my eyes shut, making him wear two layers of gloves and being a really big baby crying and nearly passing out.
I thought it was me being unbelievably petty but turns out it is actually a phobia, jesus, there’s a phobia for everything it’s crazy!

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Reading a really old txt from someone who meant the world to you with tears falling down your face but wearing a smile.

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